Banksy is a British street artist, graffiti artist, painter, film director and political activist. Though his identity remains unknown, he is one of the most famous and infamous living artists. While some admire his work, others consider it vandalism.

The Hunt for Banksy’s Identity

Despite the international fame, the artist has managed to keep his identity a top secret. This has led to various speculations about who he might be, with the most common version claiming that he is a 1974-born butcher from Bristol. It has been suggested that Banksy is Robert Banks or Robin Gunningham although some also claim that the pseudonymous artist doesn’t exist at all and that Banksy actually stands for a group of artists. Banksy of course refuses to reveal anything about his identity which therefore remains a matter of speculation.

Artistic Career

Although Banksy’s identity remains a mystery, his artistic career has more or less been successfully deciphered. It is known that he started with graffiti art in Bristol in the 1990s and that he turned to stencilling by the end of the 1990s. This technique allowed him to complete his artworks a lot sooner which in turn enabled him to avoid the authorities while creating graffiti on more publicly exposed areas and subsequently, to get noticed by more people. In a very short period of time, he earned admiration of art critics and his artworks began to be exhibited in art galleries. However, he continued with street art and thus his graffiti continue to pop out just about everywhere he appears. In October 2013, Banksy announced he is in New York City and said to create an artwork for each day of his stay in the Big Apple.

Selected Artworks