Manor House Gallery in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds


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The gallery in Chipping Norton closed in July 2010 after 25 years. The proprietor Luigi Gennari  would like to thank sincerely the many clients over the years who made his life so satisfying and enjoyable. He will continue to be personally available to his established clients and plans to maintain close contacts with his favourite artists.  Examples of their work are shown below. If you are interested in any these paintings please contact Luigi on 01608 642620. He has access to a wide selection of the artists work of different subjects and in various sizes.    Luigi also plans from time to time to have a collection of new work by an individual artist in his new home just outside Chipping Norton which will be available for viewing by clients who have registered an interest in the particular artist,. Luigi will be pleased to accept briefs to find suitable work by the artists listed below and if none is available explore the possibility of a commission  to produce a new painting.  He also plans to keep the Manor House Gallery name alive by appearing at a selected number of Art Fairs. Luigi will also be distributing occasional catalogues of work so please add your name to the mailing list if you would like to receive them. Luigi's plan is to stay in touch with his established loyal customers as well as a small number of favourite artists.

Contact Luigi on 01608 642620  or e-mail : [email protected]

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Ian Cook RI  RSW  " The Return "   Gouache on paper  11  x  16   725      Ian Cook RI  RSW  " Musica de los Andes "   Gouache on paper  11  x  16   725     Ian Cook RI  RSW  " Weather machine "   Oil on Canvas  42  x  42   4500


 Ian Cook RI  RSW  " La Capella "   Oil on Board  12  x  19   1100       Ian Cook RI  RSW  " Nocturnal Duet "  Oil on Board  17  x  21   1850


Ian Cook RI  RSW  " Night Lizard "   Oil on Canvas   13  x  17   950        Ian Cook RI  RSW  " Carnival Mask "   Oil and Mixed Media on Canvase  27  x  34   3550


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Michael Hyam     "Amandine"     Mixed Media    9 x 10    Price on application     Michael Hyam     "Arabesque"     Mixed Media    9 x 7     Price on application


Jack Morrocco  "Modigliani and Sunflowers"  14 x 14   Acrylic on Board  2500      Jack Morrocco  "Roses in a Black Jug"  16 x 16   Oil on Canvas  3750     Jack Morrocco  "Tourtour, Provence"  32 x 32   Oil on Canvas  7500


Mike Bernard RI  "Tides Out, Port Isaac"   Acrylic & Collage 20 x 30   2850      Mike Bernard RI  "Cafe Tuscany"   Acrylic  & Collage  20 x 24   2400


Ann Oram  "Dead Heads with Yellow sky"  14 x 15   Oil on Linen  1750       Ann Oram  "Field Edge with Seedheads " 24 x 36   Oil on Linen  5500


    Chris Bushe RSW  "White Sand, Turquoise Sea, Isle of Coll"    Oil on Linen   22" x 20"  1950        Chris Bushe RSW  "Summer Light, North Harris"    Oil on Canvas Panel   16" x 14"  975


Marj Bond RSW  "Red Gold Madonna"    Oil on Wood  7" x 8"  700       Marj Bond RSW  "West Lomond"    Oil on Wood  16" x 16"  1995



Jenny Wheatley  RWS  "Tropical Intentions"    Acrylic on Canvas    30" x 36"  2600      Jenny Wheatley  RWS  "Separate Tables"    Acrylic on Canvas    36" x 44"  2950


Jackie Philip  "Colourful Bee Hives, Tuscany"   Raw Pigment Oil on Canvas  14 x 18   1500        Jackie Philip  "Equinox"   Raw Pigment Oil on Canvas 12 x 12   1200


Ronald Smith RGI    "Flowers"   Oil on Board  25 x 30    4400       Ronald Smith RGI    "Caernarfon Castle, early"   Oil on Canvas  26 x 34    5100      


Moira Huntly RI  RWA PPS  "Cottages, Lleyn Peninsula"  Oil on Canvas  24 x 24  2250     Christopher Wood  "Blue Headland"   Oil on Canvas  24 x 18  2,800    Nael Hanna   "The Red Fishing Boat."    Oil on Canvas  15 x 18   1600


Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   "Palazzo Grand Canal, Venice"  19 x 19  Mixed Media. 1400         Charles MacQueen RGI RSW   "Harvest, East Neuk"   Mixed Media  29  x  39   5000 


(Click on the link to see a biography and examples of their work)

Bernard Mike,
Bond Marj, Bushe Chris, Canning Neil, Cook Ian,  Hanna Nael, Harrigan Claire,
James,  Huntly Moira, Hyam Michael,
Jamieson Charles. Kent Colin,
Knox Liz, 
 McIntosh Archie,  McQueen Charles,   Morrocco Jack, Oram Ann, Philip Jackie,
Piper Ian, Smith Ronald, Turner  Helen, Wheatley Jenny, Wood Christopher, Woodside Christine, Yeoman Martin

e-mail [email protected]  and include your postal address or 
+44 1608 642620.

The copyright of all the original paintings on this website belongs to the artist.