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Web Sites of Gallery Artists

Oxfordshire Arts Sites

Francis Boag

Christopher Wood

Georgie Young



Richard Sorrell

Martin Yeoman


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The most reliable and most frequently updated list of galleries on the net


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Directory of over 200 English Galleries

Directory of Scottish Galleries

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Some other interesting arts sites


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Simon Harvey's excellent Arts site. Highly selective and  full of his own personal judgements which makes it lively and fun. See partlicularly "Events" and the Visual Arts Listings

The mummy and daddy of all Arts sites.
So huge its daunting.Thousands of portfolios from all round the world.
Sign up for their newsletter
and they'll stay with you for ever.

A real find this one. The University of Dresden's fantastic collection of contemporary art links. As long as you remember that artist in German is Kunstler you should be OK


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The Beebs list of galleries - part of its strange Arts site, which in trying to stay pure and non-commercial seems a bit unreal. Either big Public Museums or quirky Digital Art.


A great new site by the NEAC as a showcase for its members - including Richard Sorrell and Michael Whittlesea.
The best site for UK Listings and exhibition details
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Our own favourite
UK gallery

Seems like every public gallery and collection in the Uk and what's in it.
Great for planning outings.

In between painting Rolf van Gelder runs this very busy website which includes his work, that of other young artists and his 1500 COOL ART LINKS
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As their site says...."If you struggle with questions about Danish art or artists"..this is the place.


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Art for Sale and links to over !00 artist websites. An excellent reference site for artists re competitions, webspace etc

A really massive database of worldwide arts sites


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4000 British artists in their database and
15000 images. Phew! One of these days I will get past their pop-up questionnaire.

Back online and re-designed the site is now a very slick taster for the printed magazine.

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