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From March to September we kept a photographic diary of the garden.
Please take a look at specific dates from the menu below.
Here is just a selection from over the whole six months.

We love nearby ROUSHAM and its garden. Its a masterpiece. Take a look .


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 May3b.JPG (7551 bytes)Baby Weeping WillowTulips by the Garden GalleryPath up from the Lower GardenMay1c.JPG (14856 bytes)


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Look at specific dates?

March 12th  (Plum Blossom and Daffodils)
March 26th  (Vibernum and First Shoots)
April 5th
(Snow in April!)
April 16th (Tulips and Aubretia)
May 1st (Bluebells and Cherry Blossom)
May 10th (Wisteria and Apple Blossom)
May 15th (Laburnum, Clematis and Irises)
May 19th (Hawthorn, Lilac and Broom)
June 2nd (Roses, Balle di Neve and Rhododendron)
June 9th (Delphiniums and Lupins)
June 17th (Roses and Water Lilies)
June 24th (Fuschia,Campanula,Roses and Day Lillies)
July 8th (Hydrangea,Astilbe,Petunias,Roses)
July 17th (Geraniums,Peonies, Astilbe)
July 28th(Phlox and Michaelmas Daisies)
August 13th (Phlox,Day Lillies and Rosehips)
September 1st (Nuts, Berries and Rudbeckia)


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