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Born in 1959 in Nineva, Northern Iraq, of mixed culture - Iraqui, Creek and Syrian Christian Orthodox, Nael spent much of his childhood studying and drawing animals, birds and people. At the age of nineteen, he entered college before being drafted into the Army to serve during the Iraq-Iran War. Whilst in military service, Nael continued to paint and was awarded a Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Bagdad, to study art in Britain. In 1983, he undertook art and language courses in Southampton before being accepted for the Fine Art degree course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. In 1987, Nael won a further scholarship to study at Hospitalfield Summer School, Arbroath and it was during this time that he developed his great passion for the East coast of Scotland - with its dramatic scenery and ever changing weather. Upon graduating with First Class Honours in 1989, Nael studied in Florence, having been awarded The Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship, before returning to Dundee and the rural Angus countyside where he made his home. Nael initially lectured and taught whilst continuing to develop his own distinctive work. He has won a number of awards and exhibited in many countries including Malaysia, Egypt and the USA. He is a regular exhibitor at the RGI, RSA, SSA and SSAC annual shows, and with prominent galleries throughout the UK. His works are included within major Public and Private Collections worldwide. Today, Nael devotes his tiine fully to painting and continues to be inspired by his deep love of nature, and his fascination with the elements so dramatically displayed within the Scottish landscape and its coastlines.


"I am inspired by water, sound and nature, being fascinated by the changing colours and shapes reflected in the sea, land and sky. I enjoy looking for the rhythms created by nature and by the force of natural elements. I have spent a great deal of time studying the coastal landscape around my home, and however much at times I feel that I should escape from this recurring subject, I am always willingly drawn back by its sheer beauty and magnetism".




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    Nael Hanna   "Glen Etive, Early Spring."    Oil on Canvas  12 x 10   1200     Nael Hanna   "Lost Seagull"    Oil on Canvas  9 x 12   1100     Nael Hanna   "Sea Spray over Harbour Wall."    Oil on Canvas  9 x 12   1100


Nael Hanna   "Hightide, Angus Coastline"   Mixed Media on Board   39 x 31   4000       Nael Hanna   "Grazing on Seaweed, West Coast"   Mixed Media  on Board  36 x 24   3000


Nael Hanna   "Red Sky at Night, Fife Coast"   Mixed Media on Board   36 x 24   3000       Nael Hanna   "Moonlight Seascape, East Coast"   Mixed Media on Board   12 x 16  1400


Nael Hanna   "Mist over Glencoe"   Oil on Board   35x 24  3000   Nael Hanna   "Autumn Flowers "   Mixed Media on Board   27 x 27   2500   Nael Hanna   "West Coast Broom"   Mixed Media  on Board   12 x 16   1400


Nael Hanna   "Sunset over Fishing Line, Crail"   Mixed Media  12 x 14


Nael Hanna   "Break over Tea"   Mixed Media  17 x 25    Nael Hanna   "Fragile Wild Flowers "   Mixed Media  12 x 16     Nael Hanna   "Winter, Glen Etive"   Mixed Media   16 x 20


    Nael Hanna   "Rugged Landscape, Loch Etive"   Mixed  Media  20 x 16         Nael Hanna   "Retired Boats"   Oil on Canvas  19 x 39   2,750


Nael Hanna "East Coast Creels"   Oil on Canvas  19 x 39   2,750     Nael Hanna   "High Waves  North Arbroath"   Oil on Board   15 x 19  1700




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