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Colin Kent was born in London and now lives in Essex. He studied painting and architecture at Walthamstow College of Art, and worked for a number of years as an architect. He was elected a member of the Royal Institute in 1971. His main sources of inspiration have awlays been the coastal and inland locations of East Anglia. However Colin has never painted scenes...his work is much more about capturing the atmosphere of a place. And he seems to be continually drawn to ideas of remoteness and  isolation....sometimes verging on the spooky and haunting. In recent years he has broadened his subject matter....(we now see church interiors and flowers) as well as his use  use of materials.  In this collection combinations of ink, gouache, acrylic and watercolour, and a freer more intuitive use of colour add to the dramatic quality to  the paintings. A less literal almost abstract approach to composition produces paintings which are intensely imaginative and full of fantasy. Colin is moving in interesting directions.





Colin Kent RI  "Patchwork Field "   Mixed Media   18 x 15   1300          Colin Kent RI  "Fireside"   Mixed Media   12 x 17   875



Colin Kent RI  "Evening Smallholding"   Mixed Media   9 x 12   450   Colin Kent RI  "Winter Evening"   Mixed Media   12 x 14  700   Colin Kent RI  "Beach Dwellings"   Mixed Media   21x 28   1400



Colin Kent RI  "Waterfront"   Mixed Media   17 x 25  900    Colin Kent RI  "Cathedral Light"   Mixed Media   19 x 23  1100      Colin Kent RI  "Passing Rain"   Mixed Media   9 x 12  450



Colin Kent RI   Sea Mists   Mixed Media   24 x 16        Colin Kent RI  Sea Houses  Mixed Media  22 x 15

 Colin Kent RI  " Riverside Dwellings"   Mixed Media   15 x 12   750     Colin Kent RI  "Winter Light"   Mixed Media   28 x 20   1700     Colin Kent RI  "Church Approach "   Mixed Media   12 x 17   800

Colin Kent RI   Castle View    Mixed Media    Colin Kent RI  "Moonlit Mooring"   Mixed Media   11 x 9   450    Colin Kent RI   Passing Yacht    Mixed Media       Colin Kent RI   Moonlit Cottages    Mixed Media  


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