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'Christopher studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating in 1984 he set up studio in a cottage in the East Lothian countryside and has been working as a full-time professional artist ever since. He currently lives and works in the historic coastal town of Dunbar where his light-filled studio looks directly out across the North Sea.  Christopher’s abstract land and seascapes have at their heart a visual vocabulary which is deeply rooted in nature. To this he allies an obvious love of paint, of colour and texture, of rhythm and form, to create sophisticated, intuitive works that are alternately insistent, lyrical and searingly emotive. With inspiration that is deeply personal and a dogged determination to venture into the unknown, Christopher continues his explorations in paint with exuberant optimism.  Christopher was elected to the RSW in 2006 and is currently Vice-President of the Society of Scottish Artists. Awards include The Armour Award, The James Torrance Memorial Award, The Glasgow Art Club Fellowship and The SSWA Special Award for Painting. His work can be found in many collections both in the UK and abroad and include the Bank of Scotland, United Distillers and Edinburgh University.


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Christopher Wood  "Seadrift"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 18   £1950    Christopher Wood RSW  "Edge "  12" x 12"   Acrylic on Panel  £1250    Christopher Wood  "Evening Light"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 10   £1,250



  Christopher Wood  "Sunset"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 10   £1400      Christopher Wood  "Sunset"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 10   £1,250     Christopher Wood  "Summer Rain"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 12   £1,200



Christopher Wood  "Approaching Storm"   Oil on Canvas  30 x 30   £3,400      Christopher Wood  "Summer Sea"   Oil on Canvas  20 x 10  £1,100     Christopher Wood  "Blue Headland"   Oil on Canvas  24 x 18  £2,800


Christopher Wood  "Hot Sands"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 12   £1,100         Christopher Wood  "Edge of Winter"  Oil on Canvas  20 x 18  £2,100      Christopher Wood   "Breakers"  Oil on Canvas  18 x 20   £2,100



Christopher Wood   "Red Headland"   Oil on Canvas  30 x 36  £3,900     Christopher Wood  "Sliding Sea"   Oil on Canvas  12 x 10   £1,100    Christopher Wood  "Green Harbour"   Acrylic on Canvas  16 x 20   £2,100 



 Christopher Wood  "Summer Coastline"   Acrylic on Canvas  13 x 12   £1100       Christopher Wood  "Seadrift" 15 x 30 inches  £2500



Christopher Wood  "Water's Edge"  Oil over Acrylic   12 x 12   £1,100       Christopher Wood  Summer Headland   24 x 30    Acrylic on Canvas         Christopher Wood   Summer Coastline   12 x 10    Oil on Canvas



Nocturne  Oil on Hessian  18 x 20    Christopher Wood   Breakwater 18 x 20 inches  £2100     Spring Garden  Acrylic on Canvas  24 x 20


Christopher Wood  "Summer Sea"   Oil on Canvas  20 x 18   £2100       Winter Garden  Acrylic on Canvas   18 x 20      Christopher Wood   In Harbour  30 x 30   Oil on Canvas


See lots more of Christopher's paintings on his own terrific website.


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