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Christine Woodside was born in Aberdeen in 1946. In 1963 she began studying at the Grays Scool of Art. Since graduating she has exhibited continuously - most frequently in Scotland at the Open Eye Gallery but more  recently at Thompsons Gallery and Ainscough Contemporary Art in London. Christine has won many awards including in 2002 the Armour Award of the RGI.Christine was elected a member of the Royal Scottish society of Painters in Watercolour in 1993 and The Royal Glasgow Institute in 1999. Much of the attraction in her painting is its wonderful texture - layers of oil, watercolour,pastel and applied paper. This is complemented by a deep understanding of colour and clarity of light inspired by her frequent travels to North Africa, Italy and Spain. Robim Wilson wrote in the introduction to Christine's last exhibition in October 2001 at the Open Eye Gallery..."Venetian exteriors have been painted many times but Christine has a fresh eye. Her buildings are sharp, fractured hallucinations. The pattern of their arches,roofs,doorways and shutters is melodic. The painting is assured, rythmic and generous. She has observed meticulously the foundations of the old city walls and then waved a magic wand."


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Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Winter Fife "  17"  x  18"  Mixed Media. 1800     Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Golden Day, Sutherland "  24"  x  23"  Mixed Media. 2750     Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "High Summer, Sutherland "  14 x 15  Mixed Media.  1100     Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   Carpet Bazaar  Monastir   19 x 18   Mixed Media. 1400


Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   February Snow  18 x 18   Mixed Media. 1400      Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   "Palazzo Grand Canal, Venice"  19 x 19  Mixed Media. 1400      Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Autumn Sun. Sutherland"  19 x 19  Mixed Media.  



Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   First Fall of Snow, Lomonds    19 x 19   Mixed Media. 1400   Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Fresh Wind from the East"  19 x 19  Mixed Media. 1500   Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   Rio di S Agostino.    19 x 18   Mixed Media. 1400   Christine Woodside RSW RGI.   November Sun, Fife  11 x 12   Mixed Media. 820



Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Frosty May, Lomonds"  14 x 15  Mixed Media.  Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Evening Light, Sutherland"  24 x 24  Mixed Media.  2300  Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "Tinos Summer"  28 x 22  Mixed Media. 2300   Christine Woodside RSW   RGI.   "October Snow"  31 x 24  Mixed Media. 2800


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