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Martin Yeoman was born in 1953. He trained from 1975-1979 at the Royal Academy Schools, London He is established as one of the country's leading prortrait artsists and is a council member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. His work is in the National Portrait Gallery. Among his recent commisssions are Her Majesty The Queen's grandchildren, Sir Brinsley Ford, James Brind, and Sir Alan Hodgkin OM.





Martin Yeoman   "Island of San Michele from Murano"   Pastel  10 x 14   2,200


The first group of six etchings are illustrations from: Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land
by Tim MacKintosh-Smith and Martin Yeoman    Published by John Murray. July 1998

"Utilizing his experience of living in Yemen since 1982, Mackintosh-Smith takes readers with him through mountains, deserts, and coastal and inland cities as he travels this unique land. He walks down wadis, rides in cabs and trucks and takes a dhow out to an isolated island. Observations of daily life, such as his section on the subculture of the chewing of qat or kat, the mildly narcotic leaf used by Yemeni men, give a sense of the rich history of this nation, once a humming crossroads for the early trade in myrrh and frankincense."

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Martin Yeoman   "Spice Shop"   Etching    4/100  200    Martin Yeoman   "View from the Author's Window"   Etching   20/100    Martin Yeoman    "Two Kettles"   Etching  2/100    170


Martin Yeoman  "Al-Hasarah, Hazar"    Etching    20/100  330     Martin Yeoman   "Three Figures"   Etching     2/100  140     Martin Yeoman   "Head of a Camel"  Etching   12/100    150





Martin Yeoman   "Head of Hercules"   Etching    24/30  190      Martin Yeoman    "Anna Asleep"   Etching    Artist's Proof   350       Martin Yeoman    "Michelangelo's Crouching Boy"   Etching     12/20  420


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